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As a multi-media artist and an Art Therapist I believe in the truth
of the imagination. These images evoke Archetypal inner landscapes,
reflecting my exploration of inner space, its dimensions and tensions.
As inner and intimate landscapes, they reflect a sense of the immensity
of the inner world which is so often ignored in our culture. In the words of
the poet Rilke, "the world is large but in us it is deep as the sea."
My work as an artist arises from my training in art therapy where the
creative process is the focus of exploration and the product is a
reflection of the unconscious process -- modified by conscious seeing.
These images reflect my adventure into the unknown landscapes
of the psyche and the unexpected forms of the imagination.

My current paintings focus on layers of color, texture and form,
evoking abstract landscapes and archetypal forms where inner and outer
worlds overlap and influence each other. In an extension of the visual
process, I meditate freely upon the paintings, allowing a place of
parable, metaphor, koan and dream logic to coalesce into poetry and metaphor.
My hope is that these verbal meditations deepen the experience initiated
by the paintings and create a more comprehensive gestalt.
Megan Sturges

Giclée Prints

The original landscapes are created in mixed media - a combination of
collage and painting that blends and blurs the boundaries of the
different mediums. In the final prints, the images become a seamless
whole, rendered in archivally stable inks on fine quality etching

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