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  • Life Transitions
  • Women?s Issues
  • Creative Expression
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Trauma

A Tool For Life

?The wisdom of the joyful heart begins with surprise.? Wayne Muller, Legacy of the Heart.
?The crucial element in making the change was a deep longing for my creative self . . . so the river that nourishes the soul rises up and wreaks havoc - out of love for us, I believe. It is hard to believe when one thing is taken from us that something else is being given. Trusting in the infinite love of the soul takes practice.? Paul Allen, Art as a Way of Knowing.
Megan Sturges is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Licensed Art Therapist working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Megan works from a Jungian Archetypal perspective with the images and stories that emerge in dreams, memory, imagework and daily life. She works with her clients to create a safe container for experiencing the suffering and transformation that happen as one discovers and lets go of old patterns and opens to new experience.

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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a way of exploring the spontaneous imagery which emerges from our psyche, giving each person a way to explore and deepen her/his understanding of dreams and images which often give meaning and direction to our lives. It also allows us to move beyond our usual mental way of trying to ?figure things out? and find the underlying emotions or images in the total picture. Art Therapy gives psyche a chance to speak through our hands and our imaginations as we mold in clay, paint, collage, pastel, cloth or other materials, and then process what emerges as we work. Through the art process, as images form a series, clients experience a ?shifting? of the problem, a reworking through the unconscious as the images change and evolve, pointing towards connections we are not aware of.
Art Therapy does not require any particular ?artistic talent? or training, but focuses on the emotional power of the  creative process. Verbal therapy and Art Therapy go hand in hand, as client and therapist explore the images, thoughts and feelings that emerge within the dialogue and interaction of the therapy session. Art Therapy in conjunction with Counseling is helpful for people dealing with a wide variety of issues, including a history of trauma, abuse and neglect, depression, anxiety, grieving, life transitions, emotional and spiritual crisis or simply a search for meaning through a deeper connection to the unconscious.